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2nd Quarter 2011 Newsletter – Edition 6

Featured In This Issue:

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  • Reasons To Have A Broker

It has been a year since the Health Care Reform has been passed and we still are unsure what the final version will be in 2014. The political climate has changed and the mandate provision has been challenged and it’s been repealed in a class action suit in Florida and now will proceed to the Supreme Court. What we do know is that a number of provisions are already in place. We feel that the major benefits of this reform are listed below:

  • Children can remain on their parent’s plan until age 26
  • No limits on lifetime medical benefits
  • No pre-existing conditions on children under age 19
  • Medicare donut hole coverage relief up to 50% on brand name drugs
  • About 2.1 million Medicare beneficiaries can now receive free preventive services such as colonoscopies and mammograms
  • Small business credits up to 35% of employer paid premiums

The need for reform hit home on February 28th, 2011 when 42,000 Pennsylvanians lost their Adult Basic coverage in which over 476,000 people were on the waiting list mainly because the
Tobacco settlement ended. I read recently that if the Health reform is completed with the reduction of Medicare reimbursement to physicians that as many 46% of the doctors will leave their practices!

Below are a few interesting facts that I have read lately:

  • Breast Cancer mortality is higher in Canada (9%), Germany (52%) and United Kingdom (88%) than here in the United States!
  • Since 1970 United States has had more Nobel Peace Prizes in Medicine than all the other countries in the world!

We need to realize that we have the finest Health Care System in the world and we are at a high risk of losing this with OBAMA CARE. If you have a chance, ask your friends and family if they think that the Federal Government has the capacity of running 1/6th of our economy?

As always we are here to answer all your questions about your Health Insurance Planning.
Joseph Cisco
Caise Financial

Reasons To Have a Broker

  • Review your plans at anytime to keep coverage and cost manageable, helping to recommend ideal solutions to fit your needs.
  • Help replace lost or stolen cards.
  • Keep clients updated on health care reforms laws.
  • Help with claims and billing issues.
  • Making any changes to plans, adding or removing employees.
  • Coordinating with the Insurance companies so you don’t have to waist your valuable time on the phone or hold trying to get your issues resolved.
  • Our extensive knowledge of policies and procedures to keep you informed of the constant changes in health insurance.
  • One on one, personal care and service. Walk in service welcomed.
  • Check doctors, hospitals, and prescriptions, etc. to make sure we find the perfect carrier that best suits your needs.

Affordable Care Act

Access to Insurance:
What Young Adults and Parents Need to do:

  • Check for Immediate Options: Private health insurance companies that cover the majority of Americans have volunteered to provide coverage earlier than the implementation deadline for young adults losing coverage as a result of graduating from college or aging out of dependent coverage on a family policy. This stop-gap coverage, in many cases, is available now. Ask our employer, insurer or broker about this option.
  • Watch for Open Enrollment: If early coverage is not an option with your employer or insurance company, the young adults will qualify for an open enrollment period to join their parents’ family plan or policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010. Insurers and employers are required to provide notice for this special open enrollment period. Watch for it or ask about it.
  • Expect an offer of Continued Enrollment: Insurers and employers that sponsor health plans will inform young adults of continued eligibility for coverage until the age of 26. To get the coverage, young adults and their parents need not do anything but sign up and pay for this option.