4th Quarter 2010 Newsletter – Edition 5

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  • Affordable Care Act
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This is the time of the year when our elections take place and we can send a message to Washington about HEALTH CARE REFORM aka OBAMA CARE. If you feel like we do at CAISE FINANCIAL, that this reform was pushed through without the backing of the American Public, this is your chance to voice your opinion. Below are some of the issues to consider:

  • In the year 2014 you will be mandated to purchase health Insurance or face a fine – How do you think this infringes on your Constitutional rights?
  • If the Government mandates you to purchase Health Insurance – What is next? Any time we have a major economic challenge we will be mandated to purchase a product – GM CARS, STOCK MARKET COLLAPASE, and I know you can think of many others.
  • In 2013 Medicare payroll taxes will increase from 2.9% to 3.8% – more money out of our pockets to fund OBAMA CARE.

Think about this, 279 House and Senate Democrats voted for OBAMA CARE but not one of them who is running for re-election has said what a great plan this is for our country. Let your legislators know how you feel. All of our VOTES COUNT. This is your chance to have a say.

As always we are here to answer all of your questions about Health Care Insurance.

Joseph Cisco
President, Caise Financial

Affordable Care Act

Access to Insurance:
What Young Adults and Parents Need to do:

  • Check for Immediate Options: Private health insurance companies that cover the majority of Americans have volunteered to provide coverage earlier than the implementation deadline for young adults losing coverage as a result of graduating from college or aging out of dependent coverage on a family policy. This stop-gap coverage, in many cases, is available now. Ask our employer, insurer or broker about this option.
  • Watch for Open Enrollment: If early coverage is not an option with your employer or insurance company, the young adults will qualify for an open enrollment period to join their parents’ family plan or policy beginning on or after September 23, 2010. Insurers and employers are required to provide notice for this special open enrollment period. Watch for it or ask about it.
  • Expect an offer of Continued Enrollment: Insurers and employers that sponsor health plans will inform young adults of continued eligibility for coverage until the age of 26. To get the coverage, young adults and their parents need not do anything but sign up and pay for this option.

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