I would highly recommend Caise Financial to any one individual and or company who may need help obtaining health insurance. Your staff has been so co-operative over these past 10 years that I find that I am always giving people your name for business. Your staff is so easy to work with and they respond quickly to anything I ask of them. You are will always be my first referral.

Thank you for making my job easier!

Sandra A. LaVanture
Office Manager to Kenneth R. Schuster

“Caise Financial has consistently provided exceptional service to our Huntington Learning Center in Springfield. Unlike the broker who provided insurance coverage for the previous owners of the center, Caise continuously researches the industry to find the most competitive rates and best coverage to fill our employees’ medical and dental insurance requirements. The friendly Caise personnel have a clear understanding of the sometimes confusing insurance data available, and they respond quickly and efficiently whenever we call Caise with a question or request. We highly recommend Caise Financial for all your employee insurance needs.”

Kathleen Moore & Tom Murphy
Huntington Learning Center
Springfield, PA

Adam Cisco has been consistently responsive, attentive and creative in working with Margot BYOB over the last three plus years. I would absolutely recommend Adam and Caise Financial and use them again myself.
Thanks for all your hard work, Adam.

Joe McGinley of MargotBYOB

My name is Jennifer Brower, office manager for Chester County Tire & Auto, Inc. We have been doing business with Caise Financial for several years now. They are GREAT to work with.You call them with a question, problem or idea and they help you figure out what is best for you and your needs! It is just that simple. Oh and guess what, you can get the same person again the next time that you call and NO holding on the line until you are disconnected!! Thanks for all of you GREAT customer service. We really appreciate it!

Faith, Family and Friends!
Jennifer Brower

As an office manager I receive a lot of mailings vying for business. A few years ago, while working for another company I received a mailing from Caise Financial advertising employee health care plans. The HEALTH insurance the company I worked for subscribed to paid what I felt was an astronomical amount of money in premiums and the broker at the time was more concerned where the premium check was then to shop around. Service was non-existent. So I called Caise Financial and am happy to say they saved my company thousands of dollars in premiums and more importantly provided support even after the premium was paid for.

I recently changed jobs and again while trying to get the new companies insurance agent to answer a simple billing problem, not only did it take weeks for him to call me back the problem continued to occur. Realizing how nice it was at my previous employment to have an agency that goes above and beyond with service, I suggested to my boss we should “shop around” for a new agency. Well to keep this short—again Caise Financial to the rescue. We did save a little on our premiums but more importantly I know that sorting out a billing issue, a claim, or even referring individuals looking for their own insurance I can confidently send them to Caise. Joe Cisco has a dynamite staff. If a there is a problem with the claim, Joe’s staff is a phone call away and they deal with the insurance company.

In today’s world companies and individuals pay a lot of money for insurance and often find themselves lost in “red-tape” and wasting hours of their time without ever getting resolution. It is refreshing to know a company that actually works for the insured. I can honestly say whatever Caise Financial receives in commission is well earned. It is my pleasure to work with them and to refer anyone who needs insurance or is unhappy with their broker to them.

Michele Smith
Office Manager
Total Equipment Training